Ass kicking contest – sign me up!

You are most likely asking yourself, “Gee Wiz, I haven’t heard from my favorite “resident tubby bitch” from the interwebz in a long time – wonder what he’s up to?”. Well folks, I am here to answer your questions! A little late for some of these points, but to my defense I have busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest!

One of the big things that has eaten up a lot of my efforts is that I bought a house! Yup a really big, old house. If I somehow let you all think the process of purchasing a home was busy, I was wrong – owning a home is gonna keep you on your toes way more. Anyway, we’ve been moved in for a few months and love it. Got a lot on the docket and it seems we’ll never get it all done – but we are working bit by bit. Still – it’s really awesome to have the room we’ve never had and a backyard to ourselves.

In music a lot has been happening. For starters, I have been playing drums with Po’ Boy and the Red Hats since about August. This experience has been nothing short of awesome! Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I have been a fan of this band for more than a decade now. They have the sound, along with the focus and energy I need. It’s stuff that rock fans call blues and blues fans call rock. It’s fresh, relevant and also timeless american music. I play my ass off as there are big shoes to fill, but I love it! Playing with these guys is a chance to play in a band I have loved for a long time, not an opportunity I could let sneak by me or take lightly. I’m very anxiously awaiting getting on stage with Po’ Boy and tearing it up!

In regards to WCB – I have decided it was best to throw in the towel as the band was seeming to be moving in a direction I was not happy with. I love those guys but the group itself was not working the way I had hoped. I wish the situation was different, I will miss playing music with those guys – but this is for the best.

In the past few months I have also had some fantastic shows going on! In August, BCBM featured a show w/ Husky Burnette at our new home in South Hadley – the Polish American Citizens Club. The show was a homerun and I got the chance to play drums alongside Husky – kind of a bucket type list moment for me. People had been so amped about me bringing in more new talent that I have been working on getting a date each month to hold a BCBM event at the PACC. A couple weeks ago we had The Jonny Monster Band in the house and it was a killer show!

BCBM also did promotions and booked opening acts for Popa Chubby in September. Great show that night. I played with WCB and shared the bill with Ten Foot Polecats and Cannibal Ramblers. So much fun that night in the Shea Theater – what a blast!

Also played and attended this years Bloody Roots Festival in Worcester. I hope to get more involved next year and see that annual event turn into something huge!

So that is what I have been up to. Gonna get back on the ball with this blog!


here we go (going into the second half of 2012 w/ BCBM)

Folks – I have got to tell you, last Saturday (6/30/12) was one for the record books! BCBM has been chugging along bringing some really great shows to the valley and this one was nothing short of a masterpiece – in terms of a killer lineup making a bill that was essentially the perfect “musical” storm anyway.

Earlier in the week BCBM had also gotten a little press from Donnie Moorhouse @ Republican. I was very flattered at the initial contact because I very much dislike the idea of digging around for attention from the press. I know a number of local journalists – but the idea of asking for some press just doesn’t sit well with the Beef. Being that I was approached about this makes me feel as if I am actually causing enough of a stir to be noticed – and that my friends is truly awesome! If you have a minute click the link above and give it a look and share it too.

Back to the show. I would like to send a huge thanks to James Keyes, Mark and Harry Milloff and Erik Jerominek of Cannibal Ramblers and Angry Johnny and the Killbillies! This lineup was the epitome of what BCBM is about – that mix of blues, americana, country with a dark streak running through it. All the acts delivered and did so in a huge way.

I also need to send a thank you to everyone who made it out to the show! I met some really great people who share an interest in the styles of music I am trying to bring into the area. I even got calls about details on the show the day of the event – so I have to express my gratitude for the folks who reached out to me for info.

Oh btw, Tom over at the Elevens installed some sweet new subs into the club. They work – REALLY good! The sound at the show was awesome. I actually did a room recording of the entire show and all the bands sets sounded amazing. The girls and I listened to James Keyes’ set on the way from my folks place (yes, they are both fans!) and it came out great!

There are some other events that I have coming up soon too. I have a great show happening on Wednesday 7/11 over at The Elevens. Megan Jean and the KFB are touring the Northeast all the way from South Carolina and they are making a stop in Northampton! This unique duo makes a sound that you just simply need to hear for yourself. It is a rootsy mix of guitar, banjo, washboard and bells with the most beautifully haunting voice set out in the front. Seriously, just come out to the show and see for yourself. Henry’s Rifle is coming out from Albany for this show too. I’m a huge Fan of this act! I think you will dig his show too. It’s country/folk blues that is straight from the heart. They got a good thing happening in the Albany area and I would like to see some teaming up with the Pioneer Valley when tours come through town. This is probably a great way to start it too. Rounding out this lineup is Damon Reeves. He’s got a new band going and is gonna make that guitar scream with his slide – so come check it out!

I also have a show at the basement happening with my group – Whip City Bootleggers. That is 7/14 and is free. We also start a bit early too – 8PM. Which is pretty good since I need to be home in time for my lady to head into work. That is a whole other ball of wax though.

More later – I am home from work today with a sick Delaney. She has been very lazy and sleepy so I plan on hitting the blog hard.

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Oh man, it’s summer and it has been crazy busy for me. Besides the backyard get togethers I have had a lot going on. My house has been a mess for the past few weeks as I’m fixing our porch. I also did some work on my sisters house repointing the masonry around the first floor. Its good to learn since I’m gonna be doing that next on my house! I have had a few DJ jobs too, plus school is out and juggling what to do with the kids has been insane! Needless to say I have had my hands full, especially when you factor having some really fantastic BCBM events lines up this summer (fall is shaping up great too). I’ve got some really great acts rolling in. Dave Arcari, Cannibal Ramblers, Reverand Robert, Husky Burnette, Paper Hill Casket Company and Michael Tarbox are all on tap in the next few months. It is really going to be an awesome summer of music.

Fishing on the other hand has been far less fruitful. I have been out a handful of times since I caught that Crappie in May. Been catching lots of small stuff, no keepers and certainly nothing to brag about. I’m hoping that I can rectify that soon, hopefully this Saturday morning!

Since my catch in may I have fished that same spot twice, only catching some pumpkinseed/bluegill and small perch. I have also gone to Congamond Lake and fished at night only hooking a small bullhead, that sadly never made it out of the water as he took my rig! Let’s just say that I’m now not rushing my knots after that one!

On fathers day, I took my wife and kids back out to Congamond to fish with me. My oldest daughter caught her first catch, a tiny little bluegill. She was delighted! My youngest just didn’t really have the interest yet. I was baiting everyone’s hooks and handling snags too often so my line barely got wet.

I did join a local sportsman’s club with the hope of having some access to some really nice spots to fish. As of right now that is on my radar for my next outing. The club has a huge trout pond and three smaller bass ponds. From what I’m told they hold some monsters in there. I believe there is also a book that cuts into the property too.

So, the plan is to take some some trout for my grill. That needs to happen.


This photo is from the last “catch” I had a week ago. It’s an overgrown golden shiner. Pulled this put of dufresne in Granby MA. I used a tungsten 1/16 ounce weedless jig tipped with a piece of nightcrawler and using a small bobber on my ultralight ugly stik. BTW,  those jig heads are the most amazing ones I have used.  They have brush bristles as the deflector for the weedless action. I had been using the rig because if all I was catching was bait, I was gonna have fun doing it! My point anyway is that I think I need to forget about fishing Dufresne for a while. This whiner was huge, how it managed to live long enough to grow to that size tells me that the threat of predatory fish of size enough to eat that bait fish is nonexistent for that pond. Might be a good spot to trap some bait though, for use elsewhere.

Fishing Log: Friday 5/31/13

Back at work on my regular schedule, not exactly loving it after last week. Highlight for me was Friday – got up super early to get some fishing in before heading to the training session at 10am.

Now, I should mention that my buddy Pawel and I have taken a few stabs at hitting the water at dawn a few times now and for one reason or another we had gotten delayed. This time – we made it. We first hit my favorite local spot, the Dinosaur Tracks in Holyoke MA. Unfortunately, the water level was way too high, creating a very strong current that was working completely against us. We decided before too long that we should hit the road and try another spot before we wasted too much of our time.

Where we ended up was a small spot in Granby near the South Hadley line just off Route 116. I found it looking for new spots about a week ago. Seemed like a tricky spot to access, but there was a small bridge along the narrowest part of the reservoir. We parked just past the bridge and each took a side.

Started out fishing the bottom using a slip sinker rig with a nightcrawler. Got a ton of snags, as I was trying to fish parallel to the bank. A few hits but nothing much. So, I put a cock-tail spinner on my ultralite and tried using that while leaving my medium rod on the bottom. After no real action, I decided to try a weedless jig tipped with a nightcrawler to no avail. As a matter of fact I got snagged up really good on the bottom and lost the jig head. So, I decided to quickly change my medium rod to a bobber set up with about 16″ of line between the bobber and my split shot sinker which was only about an inch above my swivel. Hook still baited with about half a nightcrawler. Cast that in and it was a total game changer. Bobber sank under the surface within 10 seconds of landing. Mainly, I was catching some Bluegill of fairly decent size and a few small Pumpkinseed too. Lots of action between the two rods both working the same way. I did hook a pretty good slab during the frenzy. Nice size Crappie – which I have never caught before but was excited to hook as it’s my first decent catch of the year! Tossed him on ice and brought him home.

Stayed until about 8:30 but took off so I could drop off my cooler and clean up before work. It was crazy hot and a shower was needed.

Later that night – I tried my hand at filleting my catch. This is something I have tried years ago and just chalked it up to not having the ability to cut a good fillet. Well, after looking at a number of different You Tube videos specifically on how to fillet a crappie – I figured it was time to try. Side one – tried a method where you cut behind the gill flap, turn the knife and cut the fillet right off. Side two – tried a method where you cut the same gill flap way, but then use the knife tip to cut along the backbone, working the fillet off the ribs a little at a time. Between the two – side two was infinitely better than side one. Cutting the fillet off the skin was flawless on both sides. It’s painfully obvious that I need to work on my technique so that I can get the best yield from my good catches. I’ve decided that instead of tossing ALL the bluegill I had reeled in – I’m going to keep the largest ones and get some practice in with my fillet knife. I know they are good to eat too, so if I can store enough in the freezer we’ll do a nice little fry session some night.

I did also buy a folding fillet knife, it’s very sharp but not very flexible. I may invest in a better knife to keep in the kitchen. This way I can keep the folding for cleaning/filleting out in the field.

The plan for this spot it to hit it with the kids soon! I think they each would love to catch these small fish – especially if they get some real action. I think my wife might also like it too.

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Today’s catch – 05/31/13

Today’s catch – Crappie. Caught in a small lake/pond in Granby MA. More details to come.

Memorial day babble whilst enduring the French Open on NBC….

Happy Memorial Day! Just want to take a quick moment to say I’m thinking of everyone who’s given their life for us in the name of service. It’s one of those things we neglect to do often enough, but on a day like today it’s especially important.

Being a holiday and being that I work in operations at a TV station – I am at work. It’s a bare bones type operation on a holiday and the compensate well enough! So, I can’t REALLY complain all that much.

Looking at my next month on tap and I’m pretty busy! Got a black cat bone music event, two DJ events, a porch to repair, a shed and a deck to build, full work weeks – when is a guy gonna fit in some time to friggen fish! Don’t worry about me – I’m gonna make it work.

Like this coming Friday for instance. I’m working a rare shift for a training session and don’t have to be here until 10am. You better believe I plan on fishing before work! My goal is to have my buddy meet me at 4:45 at my place so we can be at the Dinosaur Tracks along the CT River in Holyoke for sunrise. Each time I try to plan to fish at daybreak – I get delayed. This time though I’m planning according to sunrise, factoring commuting, running late, etc. I’m also going to make some breakfast in advance and set my coffee pot the night before – so I will have everything ready to go.

This spot is great too. I heard from my buddy, Matt Montgomery that one of his best catches was there. He’s caught a lot of fish too! I like that it’s easy to access as well. There’s ample space to park and it’s not to long of a walk to the water. Clear enough for casting which is very nice. One thing I am concerned with is the water level. I was there on Friday afternoon when there was a good amount of rain and the water was pretty high. Then following day it rained all day long. With the water level that high – the current gets crazy! I’m going to visit the day before we’re planning to fish so I can get a read on the water level and make adjustments.

I did get out to fish a bit with my oldest daughter for a little while yesterday. We fished Nashawannuck Pond in Easthampton MA for a little while. I knew that the fishing wouldn’t be fantastic with the weather and time of day, but I figure that Chloe didn’t really care and she could use the time out of the house. We each got a couple nibbles if that. Mainly, we fished using nightcrawlers on slip sinkers for our medium rigs, but I also used an 1/8 ounce jig head with a dark blue soft plastic grub and switched to a 1/6 ounce white cock-tail spinner on my light rig. I figure if you have 2 lines in the water with worms and the fish aren’t biting much – why not try something else while leaving the live bait in – ya know “just in case”! One other thing I was thinking, I had noticed all the other anglers there were using bobbers – but I didn’t see anyone reeling in any fish. Figure it wasn’t worth my time to do the same thing and fished the bottom instead. Chloe had fun despite the lack of action and we called it a day.

Been doing some reading as well, trying to get my skills up to par so I can start catching some real fish! We’ll see how it goes.

Have fun at your cookouts – I’m heading home soon!

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Set that hook!

This spring was apparently THE one that set the hook in me as a fishing enthusiast. Not exactly sure why, but man am I ever glad it happened!

I’m not completely green as an angler though. I grew up in a house with a Dad that was very active in the outdoors. He taught me to cast, bait hooks, identify fish, tie knots as well as shooting guns, archery, field dressing – you name it! I remember when I was in high school we even went to a number of classes together for outdoor survival and various safety courses. With all that I really didn’t run with the ball much, looking back – I really wish I had!

So now, thankfully – the angling bug has bitten and despite having to relearn a number of things, I’m running with it baby! While my oldest daughter was on school break in April – I took her fishing to many spots and she loved it. I also managed to get my wife interested enough to go out a few times and get her license and some gear. I’m currently waiting on my youngest daughters first fishing pole to arrive. So, I’m very excited and lucky that this new found passion of mine can include the whole family.

Currently, I’m fishing as many nearby spots as I can. Because we’re a significant distance from salt water – it’s all fresh water right now. Growing up I had also mainly fished using live bait – which I am a very firm believer in. Although, I think what I have learned from my last few outings is to fish at least two lines all the time. One with a tried and true live bait rig and the other with some type of a lure. If for no other reason than to keep technique up to snuff. Lately I’ve been really into fishing jigs. I think the appeal is the ability to be creative and customize according to the situation/conditions.

I haven’t caught anything to write home about yet – but I have had a lot of fun trying. Lately it’s been small bullhead, dace, perch and an abundant amount of pumpkinseed and blue gill. My last piece of acquired gear was a nice 4’6″ ultra light Ugly Stik spinning rod with a Shakespeare Contender aluminum spinning reel. This has become my favorite go to fishing pole. I use 4lb. test line on there and that combo has proved to make catching those smaller fish MUCH more fun to reel in. My medium setup is a 6′ Eagle Claw Water Eagle spinning combo. One of my fishing buddies got me interested in a Bait Casting setup – someday I may look into one, we’ll see.

I have not been blogging a whole lot – but my hope is that I can utilize this blog as a spot to document my journey and education as a fisherman. Lord knows as I wait for the fish to hit my hook I will certainly have the time!

Until the next time, good fishing!

BCBM Jam Series, not your typical open mic/blues jam!

Well friends, let me tell ya – I love Open Mics and Blues Jams! There seem to be so many of them in my area these days too. Matter of fact, if I had the availability to attend a few throughout the week on a regular basis, I think I would jump at the chance to cycle around the circuit. The community of an open mic or blues jam – in theory – is so appealing. Gathering amongst different musicians and jamming, listening, learning and networking is great!

That’s a part of what I try to do at the monthly BCBM Jam session events I organize. That said, it’s only one element of the alchemy of sorts that I am working with. The series is not another blues jam or open mic. The other main ingredient to factor in is the spectator. There’s something magical about a group of musicians that aren’t tied together in the same “band boundaries” creating a sound spontaneously and free. From the spectators point of view – this is a whole new form of live music. This display is something I appreciate seeing from the local musicians – in a time when local bands per se are in a rut. Not musically of course, but in terms of quality shows, over exposure, etc – because it’s magic in the moment of not being another bar gig.

Another element to all of this is combining that spontaneous stage magic with a featured set of guests musicians. These guests are from outside my home region – usually touring bands in the spring and summer months when they pass through our area. My hope is that the featured bands leave the attendees of the series wanting more. Here’s the thing – it’s happening just like that! I have had a few of these events since relocating this event to our new home in South Hadley. Each artist that I have brought in has had an exceptional experience, sold merch, engaged folks who are hungry for something FRESH and had those people clamoring for their return!

The point of this blog entry, really is to just shed a little light on what is actually happening with this little monthly series at the Polish American Citizens Club of South Hadley. Know that this is not a typical open mic or blues jam event, that it’s so much more and you should come by and check one out. The next one we have coming up is THIS Saturday night! We start the jam at 7pm and go until about 10. After the open jam portion – we have Cannibal Ramblers as our feature. There is no cover either!

Going to the dogs!

Yeah, I’m a dog person. Always have been too. Now that we’re all moved into our new home, we decided to adopt our first family canine. So, after months of looking at various rescues and shelters for the breeds we liked best and lined up with what we needed for behavior. We looked at all types of bull dogs, terriers, mutts and what we chose to adopt was a 4 year old Pug – actually a Puginese (he’s a pekinese mix with a pug).

When he came to us his name was Loucious (short for Delicious). Since he’s not a vegas call girl – we opted to name him something more fitting, “Frank Reynolds” (yes after Danny Devito’s character on IASIP). He’s awesome and myself and Chloe are already besties with him. He’s also a big fan of sitting with us and chilling on the couch, but does love a walk around the block a couple times a day – just my speed.

The transition has not been super smooth as we were hoping. Though I still expected some rockiness – I’m surprised at how much we’ve been dealing with. Initially we were told he was house broken, so we figured we’d allow him all over the house, place his bed downstairs and let him choose if he wanted to sleep in ours or one of the girls bedrooms. Well, that idea went out the window once he ran upstairs and proceeded to take a steaming dump as soon as he ran into Chloe’s room. Funny part was that just 1-2 hours before he was outside and pooped there! Silly little dog.

So at that point we chose to begin using the child gate at the top of the stairs to keep him on the first floor, no big deal. Next up for him was deciding to hump the kids! Chloe is old enough to put him in his place, but Delaney – not so much. Poor kid was terrified for a day or so. He still tries to jump on her, but I think we are on him enough when Delaney is around to curb it.

He still enjoys dropping a deuce bomb indoors here and there – but has scaled back a bit. The hope is that we can praise him for the good behavior (when he goes outside to pee/poop) and break him of the indoor bullshit. We have had him wearing a belly band because he was trying to mark around the house. In the past day or so when we have taken is off him it has been dry. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. We’ll see how he fares in the future with it. In the meantime, the band will stay on him as a safety until I’m sure he’s good.

Oh – then there is the trash! He keeps trying to get into the trash. One time while I was in the bathroom, Frank decided to dump it to get a little snack. Great. Still keeping on him when we see him go near the can and he has been scratching at it less than he previously been doing. Progress perhaps? Hoping so!

So I’m trying to keep in mind he’s adjusting to the new environment and hoping Frank Reynolds can get it together soon! I’m already attached to this little guy and love having him around – stinky dog farts and all.